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Monarch Butterfly

We landed man on the moon, we continue sending flights
out in space and our goal is a one way flight to Mars our
nearest neighbor. With all the newest technology and
advancement in travel we still have not advanced to the
flight of the Butterfly the Hummingbird and other 
species of birds. This tiny insect, beautiful as it transforms
from an egg to a caterpillar to build a chrysalis, in a few
weeks evolves into a beautiful butterfly.
They migrate thousands of miles, 
navigating to reach a place never seen.
The fact that the monarch can do these 
unbelievable feats with such an amazingly 
miniaturized‘control center’ reveals a level
of design engineering which demandsan
overwhelmingly great intelligence.
Discovering Truth
Dec 2015

Victor Frankenstein (2015)

The new "Victor Frankenstein"
Will this scientific attempt to
create man be successful?
From the first movies I enjoyed
watching in the black and white
movies of the past.Great movies
also included the
 " Hunchback of Notre Dame "
as introduced in this movie a character who performs in a circus with a hunchback falling in love. Victor transforms the hunchback into a normal human being but at the end Victor destroys his creation " Frankenstein ".

Progression of Animal to Man

You wonder how can this article, the theory of evolution , be connected to global warming? This was easy and I was researching an article for my first blog, using Google and they were celebrating the discovery of "Lucy", as you will read in a future article. This article ties in with two previous blogs, "Thanksgiving" and The "March of the Penguins" as to discovering truth. When discovering an article on how our children are influenced by forces around us, many ignore they actually exist, go after young minds. It takes me back to what the writer of Ecclesiastes 12 , Solomon, discovers the truth about life. This article will connect the few articles together and give you a 4K view of creation vs. evolution. Remember the creator of your youth.

The Acorn

In studying the acorn, we discover that it is common to the tree as part of its reproductive cycle. We discovered at an early age, when planting a seed, it would eventually produce the same. Solomon compares the end of his life to the almond tree in Ecclesiastes 12. In Job 14 we read his comparison of man to the life to a tree.
We know that a tree if it is cut down, that it will sprout again and the tender branches
will not cease. The scent of water and it will bud again. But when man dies, he gives up
his life and where is he?
Would any species today survive without preparing the home they would occupy?
The acorn was a valuable source of food for many of our animal species.

Lion of Judah

This is your free art to download and print for 2017 . As we discover the wisdom and creative design of our planet "EARTH" I hope we will continue to search out the truth and our purpose. I don't believe we are here by accident without a destination thru the short time we are here. The global warming agenda, has very little effect to the planet's survival. Why do most evolutionist believe the planet started millions of years ago and we are going to destroy this planet by our own devices in the next 500 years? Could you imagine the possibility when man controls the climate, it will be the same as when Viktor Von Frankenstein , scientist, politicians and the governments around the world attempt to take over contol of man's survival.